Creative Projects

Collaborative Research with Sibéal Davitt

Olwyn and fellow professional dancer Sibéal Davitt were recently awarded two residency rehearsal periods as part of the Dance Ireland Residency programme.

Their research and interest lay in collaborative practice, both in developing choreography, and in exploring the ways of marrying live performance with pre-recorded materials and projection.

This collaboration resulted in the duo performing ‘Resting Bitch face’ at Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement, Derry (Oct 2014) and at Creating Space platform at Dance Theatre of Ireland, Dublin (Dec 2014).


Video Projection used in ‘Resting Bitch face’ Oct 2014


‘Resting Bitch face’ premiered at Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement, Derry (Oct 2014)




‘Resting Bitch face’, Creating Space at Dance Theatre of Ireland, Dublin (Dec 2015)

Most recently Olwyn and Sibéal have collaborated to choreography and perform in a short dance film which will be released soon. 11046355_415974345230988_2177955602468271560_n

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